CHICAGO - As her office begins issuing state income tax refunds, Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger urged taxpayers to register online to check the status of their refunds and sign up for text message and email payment notifications.

The easy-to-use Tax Refund Alert System allows taxpayers to visit and enter their name and Social Security Number to see if the Comptroller's Office has processed their refund. Taxpayers also can enter an email address and phone number to receive a notification when the payment has been made.

In addition, Munger announced her office will include inserts with all tax refunds detailing where the State of Illinois spent $35.6 billion in 2015, information on the state's bill backlog, and other tools to help taxpayers learn about state and local finances. Those who receive their tax refunds through Direct Deposit may view the tax insert digitally if they register for the Tax Refund Alert System.
"Taxpayers deserve to know when they will receive their tax refunds. By visiting and registering for our tax refund alert system, they can track the status of their refund while monitoring where the state government spends their tax dollars," Munger said. "The Comptroller's Office will continue to focus on making government more efficient, transparent, and accessible while offering taxpayer-friendly tools to help our citizens follow the money."

Before adjourning for a month, Republican State Rep. Tom Demmer motioned to bring back session tomorrow so that legislators can continue to work and solve the budget impasse. House rules require this to be voted on. The speaker ruled the motion "out of order" even though it wasn't. The Republicans wanted to stay and work. The Democrats broke the rules and chose to leave.

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Randy Frese (R-Paloma) watched the majority party undergo another faulty process in which spending bills were filed that wildly exceed revenues.  The Comptroller’s Office has already reported a state backlog totaling $7.2 billion, and legislation that adds to the State’s debt only adds to the risk forced upon those that rely on the State.

Rep. Frese stated, “The broken appropriations bill presented today only shows Speaker Madigan’s unwillingness to negotiate reforms, and places vital budgetary items in harm’s way of his charade. The measure today is unfunded by over $2.4 billion and is another lie to taxpayers, universities, and the people of Illinois. I have repeatedly requested that our Democratic majority colleagues come to the table for negotiating a properly balanced budget that keeps Illinois’ present and future in mind. Without the funds to pay for the items they propose, the majority party blindly marches forward with their unwillingness to reform, and places the state in further jeopardy.”

Rep. Frese went on to note that at the conclusion of session Republicans made a motion to bring the legislature back the following day, as Democrats who create the session's schedule made a four-week gap in the month of March for what many assume to be political reasons. “Speaker Madigan forced a $3 billion over-spending bill to the Governor without a funding source, and this tacked on to our other budget issues makes this long break during the heart of session completely immoral.”

Considering their work done with their appropriations unfunded, the majority party has set the House to not return until April 4th.