As your State Representative, I have seen across all our communities how trying the past month has been on our District, as storms have ravaged through much of our region causing floods, power outages, and property failures. Many residents have had to struggle without power after the severe storm weather, during which Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore declared a State of Emergency after wind speeds reached up to 70 mph. I fielded calls with emergency teams and encouraged homeowners to report damages to their homes and the surrounding area. Through this work I can say that there is no one more proud to represent their home region than I am today. Mother Nature has not been kind to us, amidst a State budget deadlock no less, but I have watched neighbors and communities come together to help rebuild the damages of the past month, and I am very grateful to everyone that has reached out a hand to help during the tougher times.
With the forecasts changing however, I hope everyone finds time to enjoy the back end of our summer.  

Now onto some updates from Springfield…

QUINCY – Adams County residents are dealing with major storm damages Tuesday morning as thousands of residents are still without power after severe storms hit Monday night. Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore declared a State of Emergency Monday night after 70 mph winds ripped through Quincy, downing power lines and damaging homes.

Alongside Mayor Moore and Adams County Emergency Management Director John Simon, State Representative Randy Frese (R-Quincy) is fielding calls with emergency teams and encouraging homeowners to report damage to their home and the surrounding area.

Rep. Frese stated, “This storm has caused 34,300 people to be without power at one time. At this time crews are at work to get streets safely cleared. I’d like to thank the Mayor’s Office, Ameren Illinois, and Adams County Emergency Management for their quick aid to our communities. Emergency officials expect to work throughout Tuesday to restore outages. We will be assessing all damages and addressing all affected very shortly. Please do not hesitate to call my Office or local emergency services to report damages or request help.”

With gas lines in Quincy damaged by trees, the situation could take days for crews to address all power line and home damages. To report damages, the Adams County Emergency Management Agency can be reached at 217-277-2005. 

Springfield – With the State of Illinois set to begin Fiscal Year 2016 without a budget in place, State Representative Randy Frese (R-Quincy) will co-sponsor legislation to ensure thousands of state and university employees will still receive paychecks.

As a result of Governor Rauner’s veto last week of the Democrats’ $4 billion unbalanced budget, there is no budget resolution in sight, with both sides deadlocked over spending and taxes. Without a budget in place by July 15, the State will be unable to make payroll for employees in numerous agencies.

With vital state and university services to the District in mind, Rep. Frese has co-sponsored House Bill 4245. The bill ensures that state and university employees continue to be paid, thereby continuing vital services during the state’s budget impasse.

Rep. Frese said, “I did not want to see this legislature reach an impasse, but just because it has, state and university employees should not see their pay halted. We want to pay those workers who remain diligently performing their duties, such as the ones at nearby Western Illinois University, and the ones at Quincy Veterans Home within my District. Bipartisan negotiations have not won the day in Springfield yet, but this would be a necessary appropriation to pay the hardworking state and university employees that provide vital services to our students, communities, and veterans.”
Fiscal Year 16 Budget Crisis
Governor Rauner, Republicans fight to prevent Illinois government shutdown.  Without a budget in place for the new Fiscal Year 2016 (which began on July 1), there is a possibility that paychecks could be delayed for approximately 65,000 state employees starting July 15.
Governor Rauner and his staff are examining their legal options. The governor stated on Monday, June 29 that “Our lawyers are working hard to ensure that all employees will be paid on their scheduled pay dates.”  Speaker Michael Madigan and Attorney General Lisa Madigan continued to assert that paychecks may well be delayed and parts of Illinois’ government shut down.