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Representative Frese today filed new legislation in the Illinois House to provide approximately $246 million in state capital funding to make needed water system upgrades as well as new construction and improvements at the Quincy Veterans Home in Adams County.

“Our Veterans Home in Quincy is a true jewel, but as with any aging facility major upgrades are needed to keep it that way so we can continue to provide the best care for the heroes that live there,” Representative Frese said. “The funds appropriated in this bill will fund a complete overhaul of the water system to prevent Legionella, and also major building and campus renovations.”

Rep. Frese’s House Bill 5882 is identical to Senate Bill 3611, introduced in the Senate this week by State Senator Jil Tracy. The bills include a $16.1 million appropriation for water system upgrades and $230 million for building renovation, construction, and other campus improvements at the Quincy Veterans Home.

“Earlier this week the Governor announced a $3 million grant to the City of Quincy to build a new water source that will improve water quality for the entire Quincy area, including residents at the Veterans Home. That’s a great start. We have also been working with the Governor’s office on securing this additional funding to make all of the campus repairs and renovations we need. I am very pleased to say that the appropriation has already garnered bi-partisan support and Senator Tracy and I will be working hard in the coming weeks to secure its passage,” Representative Frese said.
Representative Frese, Senator Jil Tracy and Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore this week attended the second in a series of Legislative hearings on recent Legionella cases among residents of the State Veterans Home in Quincy. Addressing the press at the hearing’s conclusion, Rep. Frese  and other elected official stressed that they are working on long-term, bi-partisan solutions that will ensure the highest quality of care for residents, and said he will work this spring to secure capital funding for needed safety improvements at the home. Rep. Frese added that he will also be working to ensure one or more of the future hearings will be held on site at the Quincy Veterans Home.

Click the video below to watch the press conference.

Rep. Frese traveled to Chicago Tuesday to work with other members of the House Veterans Affairs Committee to resolve issues and ensure continued quality care for veterans at the Quincy Veterans Home. Watch below.

“Today the Governor painted a very realistic picture of both the progress we’ve recently made and the serious challenges we still face,” said Representative Frese (R-Quincy). “I agree that the pace of reform has been slow, and that’s frustrating. The lack of an agreement on a responsible, balanced budget is unacceptable. But we have made a start in implementing needed efficiencies, and in cutting some red tape that will help support employers that create jobs. In recent months all four legislative leaders, including Speaker Madigan, have spoken on the need for change, and that is certainly reason to be hopeful that we will be able to work together this spring on compromise solutions. Our challenges are serious, but they’re not insurmountable if we’re all working together.”
State Representative Randy Frese Wednesday took the oath of office to continue representing the 94th House district in the new 100th General Assembly. Rep. Frese said with the state's many urgent challenges it's more important than ever for the new General Assembly to hit the ground running, and stressed that he will continue to focus on passing a balanced, responsible state budget that protects taxpayers and on creating new and better job opportunities for Illinois families.

Springfield – State Representative Randy Frese (R-Paloma) commended the launch of a new not-for-profit Illinois Fairgrounds Foundation which will build capital improvements at the Springfield and DuQuoin fairgrounds. Governor Bruce Rauner helped unveil the foundation on Agricultural Day at the Illinois State Fair.
The Illinois Fairgrounds Foundation, established by leaders within the agricultural community, will be overseen by a volunteer board representing a diverse cross section of the agriculture industry. In conjunction with the Department of Agriculture, board members will build relationships with private sector businesses and individuals to develop strategies that raise private funding for the State fairgrounds, which combined carry $180 million in deferred maintenance costs.
Rep. Frese stated, “This foundation will be a great benefit to Illinois’ taxpayers and agricultural industry, as it will make the fairgrounds less reliant on state money while giving the care of its agricultural legacy to people that take great pride in that legacy. I applaud this move to keep the fairgrounds in good shape so that generations of Illinoisans will have a venue to enjoy Illinois’ best products.”
The Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield includes more than 170 buildings spanning 360 acres of land, with buildings as old as 124 years. The Du Quoin State Fairgrounds includes more than 20 buildings spread across over 1200 acres of land, with buildings as old as 93 years. Many of the buildings on both fairgrounds are in dire need of restoration, including paint, plumbing, roofing, and structural repairs.
Rep. Frese with local Members of the FFA on the House Floor in Springfield.
Springfield – Honoring a commitment to Illinois’ veterans, including those at Quincy Veterans Home, State Rep. Randy Frese (R-Paloma) announced that Governor Rauner signed his legislation that creates a new revenue stream to supplement funding for Veterans Homes, and also better staff them.
The legislation will allow Illinois Veterans Homes to issue decals for special license plates. Currently there are many special decals that support Veterans, but none that specifically support Veterans Homes. All costs and fees for the new decals shall go toward additional funding for Illinois Veterans Homes.
Additionally, the Governor signed legislation that provides educational grants for eligible registered professional nurses working in Veterans Homes. Each year an individual receives a grant under the program, called the Nurse Loan Repayment Program, he or she must complete a 12-month period as a registered nurse in a State Veterans Home.
Rep. Frese stated, “I introduced and passed this legislation to increase funding for Veterans Homes and to increase the pool of applicant nurses looking to work at these Homes. Together these new laws should better equip our Veterans with the resources they need and help the staff that serves them.”
House Bills 6149 and 5938 were signed into law on Sunday, during a ceremony to honor Illinois’ Veterans at the State Fair, and are now Public Acts 99-0814 and 99-0813.